ADMO PEERONCINO RUNNINg: a team running towards solidariety

A dream linking two different worlds: health and illness, sport and serious blood diseases. Peperoncino Team dreams each and every day: passion has kept everything going for 14 seasons, pushing ourselves to pass our own limits. Admo, spinal cord donors association, begun dreaming back in 1990: the notion of a world that considers diseases like leukaemia, lymphoma, mielo-dysplasia, thalassaemia curable and the increasing of voluntary donators (which have passed from 2000 to 3400) makes its dream more and more achievable. The contact of this two different world has several different aims: among the others, to spread the culture of donation and to fully and clearly inform people on the topic, with the purpose of raising the potential donors level also by organizing events.Thus we gave birth to Admo Peperoncino Running which will initially operates in Lombardia and Piemonte willing to involve other regions soon in order to spread the culture of donation among young athletes. Not only we will increase information and fund-raising activity, but we will give each other a greater exposure: peperoncino will enlarge its number of members, empowering its presence in the sportive field , while Admo will succeed in building a strong personality in the running field (and not only) becoming the spokesperson for an ethical manifesto about healthy practices. Sport, running marathon are synonyms of strain: but the aim is to make a dream come true: Admo e Peperonicno will live on this, from now on
Details on Peperoncino Team and Admo synergy
WHY – ADMO Piemonte and ADMO Lombardia, two associations active in raising consciousness on spinal cord donors and stem cells, along with Peperoncino Thriatlon Team, one of the biggest professional triathlon Italian team, gather up passion and care to demonstrate that the future of civil society lies in our vey hands. They’ve decided to give birth to a collaboration with a positive and real approach in order to be a great support and example to help people find the strength in themselves to overcome the obstacles and difficulties in life. Collaboration wake us winners!
Winning a competition after a long and hard training and recovering from a bad disease are aims that are reachable through similar paths. The knowledge of not being alone is of fundamental help to reach our targets.
Athletes and people who carry a healthy and sportive life are perfect subjects for spinal cord donation: the ADMO and Peperoncino Team collaboration aims to bring awareness on the donation issue to those subjects who actually are suitable candidates…this is only the beginning of a long term collaboration: we want to give our best in the long run, in order to find a proper donor for every ill person.
HOW: Piemonte, ADMO Lombardia and PEPERONCINO Triathlon Team give birth to a sportive non professional club with a strong social purpose, to reach as many people as possible: not only ADMO affiliates and not only runners
Running as a healthy lifestyle is perfectly suitable to ADMO donation philosophy: the “Ethical Sport Manifesto” is our project’s philosophical ground, well shaping the idea which links this two different realities. Each of them will be kept separated from the other one, not only in respect of the original purposes of the associations but also in order to take the best from the collaboration itself: on the one hand ADMO Piemonte e Lombardia will be able to rely on a very well known and organised sportive club, which will support and advise all runners (professional and non); on the other hand PEPERONCINO cill be able to count on full support and awareness in spreading donation culture
Admo knows that it’s compulsory to find new ways to raise awareness in order to find a suitable donor for every patient

Peperoncino knows that you need a target in order to run your best: running to save a life is the best way to find another good reason to improve your perfomances
Toghether ADMO and Peperoncino will set open events that anyone could join, always focusing their attention on psychophysical well being and donation culture

WHO ADMO Piemonte, ADMO Lombardia and Peperoncino Thriathlon Team will run side to side in this adventure, aware that this cooperation will be of great strength for both of them
ADMO was born in 1990 when there was no loud-talking on leukaemia but some daydreamers were taking up thinking about how to defeat the enemy. Knowledge, sentiment and will have combined in one of those marvellous human mix able to change things. Leukaemia is an enemy that can be defeated but, even now, a lot of work is left undone. ADMO wishes to connect two worlds: heath and disease, linking donors and patients.
PEPERONCINO was born in 2001 and nowadays is at the top of world triathlon. International athletes and young national promises entered the team in order to achieve new victories. The team settled high level long term partnerships with leader enterprises in the sportive sector in order to build success together. “Have everything you need prepared in the locker room, wear your uniform, cross the beach and get close to the sea. Swim for kilometers and then pedal like a fool, jump off your bike, change shoes and run the few km left, crossing the line happy to having put through such an endeavour, deserving honour and glory” That’s PEPERONCINO’s mission: never give up!