“If we should fail?” “We’ll not fail” a quote from the Shakespeare Macbeth.

An amazing beginning of weekend for the PPR TEAM. After having repeated our mantra, taken from the Machbeth, as just today marks 400 years since the day Shakespeare died, we go on stage at the international olympic-distance of the Idroscalo performing as only our Team can do: 3rd position for  Mozzachiodi, 4th Salerno, 8th Ferlazzo and 3rd place for Bordiga in the women’s race. The PPR is just amazing.

Mozzachiodi is very satisfied of his third place, behind Risti and Fontana. As he told us, he did not want to overdo in the swim and, let Risti overtake him. In this way he managed to do a powerful T1 and went out first on the bike. The first three bike laps were fast but still he was able to keep up with the other two DDS athletes. The last lap was the one in which the two others made their move, Elia could not keep their pace and remained behind controlling his third place. During the run he practically did the same and crossed the finish line in third with the time of 1h53:35.

An unlucky day for Salerno who came only 4th. He did an amazing swim with the head position triathletes, but in T1 lost precious time pulling off his wetsuit and lost the leading bike pack. It was a real pity because his final run split was the same of the winner. Who knows what could have happened.

Ferlazzo came 8th and he said that this was not his right day. A good swim with the other team’s mate but the same bad transition in T1 and lost the good bike pack as Salerno did. Apart from this, he also suffered muscle cramps during the run and said with the right philosophy: “These are the days when you learn more”.

What can we say, the Bordiga’s performance was just awesome! A great race for her. She has begun the season in an incredible way, leaving behind all the negative feelings of 2015. She could not swim as fast as she wanted because of the shoulder and back pain and anyway managed to get out top ten and left T1 with a French training partner who is also very powerful on the bike? Together they managed with an amazing 37 km/h average speed to close the gap with the two leading girls. Claudia did the first three running kilometers with an easy pace to save important energies for the final rush. A wonderful bronze position in the women’s race for the PPR with the time of 2:20:45.

The Technical Director D’Annunzio was the official speaker who with his voice shared with everyone this wonderful day. A family is a family and we always share our successes with all of you.

Tomorrow  Annovazzi and Pera will race at the 70.3  Trapaniman113  of  San Vito Lo Capo (TP) and the Hungarians Fuchs, Hanko, Petrov, Ruzsas and Soos will be competing at the Triathlon Sprint “Citta’ di Asola” (MN).

At the third round of the ITU WTS of CAPE TOWN our athlete Gabor will be racing at 4.30 p.m. In a sprint distance event. The competition can be watched live and followed with the social media using the hashtag #WTSCapeTown.

Good luck to everyone!