“What a beautiful castle in Udine, oh what a pretty youth, such nice young people cannot be found anywhere else.” (Proverb)


Salerno racing in Messina, Fuchs in Hungary and Galeazzo in Udine: it is summer holiday time and relaxing is the main activity! The PPRTeam says hi to this easy weekend and gets ready for new epic challenges


The sea in the Province of Messina was very rough and, for this reason the Sprint Distance Triathlon “Citta’ di Naso” was transformed into a Duathlon. Not too bad for Salerno who won the event in Sicily which was hit by unusual adverse weather conditions. On the podium the sun always shines for us!


While Fuchs claims silver at the XXX. Paloc Triathlon Olympic Hopes. The tireless Dori: her teammates are resting after a full racing calendar of the last few weeks and, the amazing Hungarian was instead competing so easy that it seemed that she was cooling down. At the end, a well-deserved silver was her result.


However the most important effort, in this PPR‘s relaxing weekend was faced by Galeazzo. He raced in the Sprint Distance Triathlon of Udine “Together with Gianluca” with a tough, hilly run course feared by everyone and finished 12th and 2nd of his age category. His performances are indeed growing steadily, And bring him on top of this fairy castle.


When you can say: “… and they all lived happily and…


successful ever after!”.