Here we are again!


From the Italian olympic-distance No-Draft Age-group Championships in Recco (Italy), to the WTS of Stockholm, the European Triathlon Youth Championships in Hungary, the super sprint distance triathlon of Spresiano (Italy) and the night run race of Sant’Erasmo (Italy), strong emotions as always!


The sunset of Friday in Sant’Erasmo in the province of Lerici, where Ferlazzo claimed a gold in a night run race, is just the beginning of another wonderful weekend for the PPRTeam.


Saturday morning our young athletes had already done their duty, Pesavento reaching silver at the super sprint distance triathlon of Spresiano “Le Bandie degli Eroi” and Galeazzo at the same race 7th.


While in Hungary, all the PPR athletes summoned to the ETU Triathlon Youth European Championships managed to qualify to the individual semifinals of Monday and eventually for the mixed relay of Tuesday. Three men’s and women’s waves of about 30 athletes each, nine available places for the semifinals and only the best three times will qualify for the final. Missaglia performed very well with a second place, Crestani 8th and Ragazzo 6th, they indeed did a great job. Our Hungarian athletes Petrov and Soos managed to qualify for the European finals too. Let’s say that the Youth Festival of Tiszaujivaros started very well for the PPR.


At the olympic-distance WTS round in Stockholm we raced with Faldum who, in his Road to Rio, claims a 14th place which emphasizes his amazing physical condition.


And what about today? Well, Mozzachiodi returns home from the Italian olympic-distance No Draft Age Group Championships with a Gold in the S1 category. Prophetic was his race number 1 and, the fact that the race was quite hard, did not modify his final result. He claimed the top step of the podium and sang the Italian National anthem of Mameli. The official PPR’s uniform under the shirt of the Italian Champion.


These are the exceptions to the rule that we like to allow to our athletes…