“Pescara has the power of making you feel good and in tune with the world without any particular effort “ (quote)


Today in Pescara it was a particularly hard day for Donat, Hanko, Nicholls and Pera who raced at the IRONMAN 70.3 ITALY while Intagliata and Rossi preferred to compete at the 5i50, Ferlazzo at the Valdensa Triathlon, Salerno at the sprint Triathlon of Ali Terme, Faldum at the WTS in Leeds and Fuchs, Kuttor, Petrov, Ruzsas, Soos at the Hungarian National Triathlon Championships


On Saturday, at the Hungarian National Olympic Distance Championships our athletes carried out an excellent performance: Kuttor 2nd, Ruzsas 5th, Fuchs 5th in the women’s race and first Junior. In the sprint race Petrov was 2nd in the women’s competition and first Youth while Soos 3rd and first Youth.


At this year’s Ironman 70.3 Italy in Pescara, racers were greeted with terrible weather conditions and a rough-water swim. The water conditions were so bad that the swim for the age-groupers was canceled. The Pros raced anyway and in the women’s race Donat claimed 4th while Pera in the men’s race finished 8th and Hanko in 10th position. Nicholls crashed during the bike segment, nothing serious for him but it was enough not to let him finish his competition. The Scottish athlete is however ready for another challenge.


Our coach Intagliata and Rossi finished at the 5i50 in 2nd and 3rd place.


In Sicily, Salerno raced at the 4th event of the Sicilian Series and won the sprint distance triathlon in Ali Terme. He was playing at home and, this makes him even happier.


Ferlazzo, if someone was wondering about his health conditions, is ok. He recovered well, in fact he managed to win the sprint distance triathlon in Valdensa. This can only happen in the PPR!


At today’s WTS of Leeds our Olympic Hungarian athlete with an outstanding performance finished 12th. This was a perfect training for his Road to Rio.


On Sunday, we ended in style at the Hungarian National Triathlon championships where we won the mixed relay with Fuchs, Ruzsas and Soos and gained Silver medal with the Junior team of Petrov.


We are warriors and, each one of us is inspired by something. This week we were motivated by the pictures of our young triathletes Gianmaria and Giorgio who raced at the Ironkid in Pescara. 


Each one of us whether is old or young has this motto “never give up!”.