Carlotta Missaglia wins the Italian Triathlon Junior Championships



Carlotta Missaglia wins for the second consecutive year the Italian Triathlon Junior Championships! She was leading the race out of the swim, made a perfect transition and tried and escape during the bike ended only because on an accident during the bike. She did a perfect run with Carlotta Bonacina who won the silver, however Missaglia crossed the finish line alone.


Seventh place for the other junior Nicolò Ragazzo because of a wrong turn during the bike. Too bad because he was leading after the swim.


A bad day for the Youth B Alessandro Galeazzo, who decided to save his strength for the mixed relay of Sunday, in which the PPRTeam won the silver medal. Francesca Crestani participated and was finally back to racing after recovering to an injury.


Fifth position for Carlotta Missaglia and Nicolò ragazzo in the mixed relay of the Regioni Cup in which they participated together with the Valle D’Aosta northern region!


Gold medal also for Davide Bajo, who won the Baldassarre Sprint Triathlon in Ivrea.


Silver for the full distance Gabriela Zelinka at Challenge Madrid.


Second place for Iñaki Baldellou Verdejo at the Sailfish Half Triathlon Costa Brava.