CSI choses the PPR Team to be in the world of sport


A new sponsor for the PPR Team. The CSI (Centro Sicurezza Italia) a leader Italian company working in the security field since 1986, has chosen our Team to be in the world of sport. Ezio Novero of CSI says: “we were looking for a Team that would share our values of reliability, time-lasting, efficiency and resistance. Undoubtedly the PPR Team pursues our same values”. As our Team the company from Turin wants to be in the forefront. Novero says in fact: “we produce good electronic systems and high-quality components that can ensure a high level service and that represent a good long-term investment”. The same working philosophy shared by both: the PPR Team that invests in its athletes, keep renewing and developing new synergies and has a competent and professional staff. The CSI that has the best components on the market and has a skilled and well-informed staff so as to be a leading company. One of the main goals of the partnership is that of rising the awareness of the bike shops towards high-quality security systems. During the last few years thefts have grown enormously, however the security systems of the CSI can reduce those risks because of its innovative protection systems that can be utilized directly in the store where all the valuable material is kept. The PPR Team is really proud to be sponsored by this prestigious company and to become the spokesman of such an important message.