Happy Birthday, Mr. President!


Happy Birthday to you, / Happy Birthday to you, / Happy Birthday Mr. President, / Happy Birthday to you. / Thank’s Mr. President / For all the things you’ve done / The battles you’ve won / [...] / [...] / We thank you – so much. / Everybody Happy Birthday! (Marilyn Monroe)


Our best wishes to our awesome Team Manager Gianfranco Mione, finisher in 10h and 41 minutes of the Ironman Mallorca and who is already getting ready for new amazing challenges and not only just for himself, but also challenging all the rest of the Team. He did a strong swim, bike and run. Everybody hardly manages to keep his pace. His ideas come out continuously, at an incredulously pace like all the things that happen in the PPRTeam!


Former triathlon national athlete, for almost eight years he only succeeded to train as a manager can do, with all the commitments which forced him away from the races. Almost two months ago, this idea took shape with the inspirational friendship of Mario Cipollini. He was in fact seriously decided to enter the world of triathlon, maybe as an athlete? Or it was the fact that Magno Cristiani was also training together with him? Or it was some new sport project that he was thinking about and making it a reality? The Team’s spirit which is always shared among all the members of the family has done the rest.


He entered the Ironman Mallorca just as a challenge a few months ago. The Big Boss Mione who never raced in a long distance competition before, was exploiting the fact that he was in the wonderful PPR Factory of Forte Village in Sardinia following the personalized and successful training schedules of our Coach Intagliata, but he really had a short period of time to prepare the race. This is a demonstration of the fact that the PPR is always facing new challenges and hopes to be able to you arouse the same passion to you too.


He was really tough thanks to his technical amazing equipment and to the professional support which helped him to achieve this incredible performance. Our President was as aggressive as a lion, he suffered from cramps during the swim course and after 100 of the bike, it began to rain and a terrible wind and hail welcomed the triathletes during the final marathon run. All the Team was however cheering him. Everybody was following the race live and supporting him and all the other Team‘s athletes competing in Mallorca. This obviously is something that happens every time one of our athletes is racing.


Because being of the PPR means also sharing emotions with all the members of the family.
Our best wishes to the one who is an inspiration to all of us.