iBike Newton a new powerful training tool for the PPR Team

Schermata 2015-03-21 alle 17.32.45

Power is an essential indicator for bike training. The PPR Team has chosen Newton as a partner because it is very important to do a fast bike split especially in the long-distance races. The Newton power meter is a high-quality and easy to use product that has very innovative characteristics. The tool calculates power directly measuring the opposing and applied forces of nature as wind, hills, bike acceleration and tyre friction. In a few words physics principles and aerospace technologies applied to cycling. The Team Principal of the PPR Team Gianfranco Mione says: “we have found the perfect sponsor. This tool that will be utilized by our athletes for the entire race season, will give them the possibility to improve greatly their bike split. They will be using new training strategies that will control each bike pedal drag. By the way, the American tool is a real computer that, thanks to its quality and the data stored, that can be analyzed accurately on the computer after each bike training, is an excellent product that has a good quality-price ratio. Our partnership apart from the advantages connected to the utilization of the product, foresees other important things. This season in fact the PPR Team will be its testimonial Team in Italy. The athletes together with our staff will give important feedbacks to the company that will be able to use them to improve the tool. Our path together has just started.