” Last night a Deejay saved my life…”



Iñaki Baldellou Verdejo is performing so well that we are getting used to his outstanding results. In this weekend, at the SEA Olympic distance Deejay Tri in Milan, (this is the meaning of the title of the article ), he reached another podium in 1h48’52″, just one minute and 30 seconds behind Alessandro Fabian the winner of the event. Stefano Intagliata, the other PPRTeam’s athlete, finished in 7th position in 1h52’41″.


A Spanish in Italy and, in Spain at the 70.3 Barcelona Ironman event, the Ukrainian Danil Sapunov finished a swim segment of 1.9 km, a bike course of90 km and a final run of 21 km, in 4h21’46″. This is obviously just the beginning.


Let’s finally tell you something about the Champions of tomorrow, Nicolo’ Ragazzo finished third at the Sprint distance triathlon of the archaeological town of Oderzo in 55’14. Alessandro Galeazzo will definitely reach a better result in a future event, because could not manage to perform at his best.


Galeazzo e Ragazzo a Oderzo








Baldellou e Intagliata