Let’s vote for the PPRTeam at the Triathlon Gala Event for the category “Uomini Universali”


“You are immense people “ (Aldo Rock)


At the 2016 PPRTeam’s Awards, Aldo Rock honored us with his presence and created for us an extraordinary quote. He thinks we are marvelous people and we are very proud of it. There is still some time left to vote for us at the Triathlon Gala Event for the category “Uomini Universali”.


For those who did not do it, you still have time until midnight of the 22nd of January to express your preference for the final selections of the 5th edition of the Triathlon Gala Event which will take place on Saturday the 28th of January at the Auditorium Testori of Palazzo Lombardia in Milan.


You can choose who you like online and the first 3 people of each category will be the finalists of the 5th edition of the Triathlon Gala Event. We have been chosen by a selected jury and now the moment has come to cross the finish line.


Tomorrow the PPR could be a finalist either in the category “Team” with our Team Manager Gianfranco Mione, with Matteo Annovazzi in the category “Personaggio” or with Mauro Pera in the “Long Distance”. The winners will be announced on the 28th of January.


“Our Team has left an indelible mark spreading the sacred Tri verbum.”


“Mind, heart and muscles. The goals, the difficulties and the equilibrium!”.

“The triathlon discipline as a means to face the difficulties of the everyday life and that is able to create values and strong relationships.”


“The results and the victories in the long distance competitions of our relevant athletes in Italy and abroad.”

“Choose the one who has mostly impressed you and that gave a very prestigious victory to our Nation”.
Just one vote for each category for the PPR Team.
“We are immense people “.