bozza invito awards 2015_ita

We are almost ready. Less than a week to go for the PPR TEAM’s end of the season event. We have already started the countdown for the official end of the 2015 race season and the schedule of the day has definitively taken shape.
Pictures, videos and emotions, are the most important things that we want to share in the event of the 13th of December (we will be starting at 11 a.m.). After the greetings of the managing staff and that of the sponsoring companies, we will give space to the different groups that, apart from the “Squadra Corse”, are integral part of our team. The age group triathletes (The PPR gang), the Admo PPR running and the PPR cycling group. During the morning there will be a short workshop about nutrition carried out by Giorgio Terziani, followed by the presentation of some of the Team’s new projects. We will also show the new 2016 team’s uniform. Will we be able to surprise you again?
Before lunch, during the most friendly moment, when all the team will be together, we will assign the desired PPR Awards for the athletes that have best performed during the 2015. We are almost ready to begin and are you ready to party with us?


PPR Team Awards 2015 – presso Cibò, Ivrea (TO) – 13 dicembre 2015, ore 11

Reservations: – 3348590011

bozza invito awards 2015_ita