“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them, a desire, a dream, a vision.” (Muhammad Ali)


Pugnacious as the legend that just left us, we search for more space in our shelves to put the umpteenth medal, cup and personal satisfaction. Racing during the weekend and knocking everybody down as our Ferlazzo, Galeazzo, Mozzachiodi, Hanko, Kuttor and Fuchs. All great warriors fighting in the name of a victorious philosophy.


The weekend of races started on Thursday because of the Italian national holiday, with the “Criterium Universitario” of Porto Sant’Elpidio, the sprint event for college athletes that was part of the Italian Championships for young triathletes. Enrico Ferlazzo claims a wonderful 4th place. He is indeed a great student and triathlete.


On Saturday, the Aquathlon Italian Championships for junior and YouthB athletes. With an amazing run, Franco Pesavento finished 3rd in the junior race, while Alessandro Galeazzo 11th and Nicolo’ Ragazzo 2nd YouthB. He was not very satisfied of his race even if, with his strong swim he immediately left his opponents behind. But we are so sure that he will absolutely perform wonderfully in the next races.


“Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. At the World Duathlon Championships of Aviles in Spain, Francesca Crestani competed in the junior race, summoned into the Italian national team by the Technical Director of the young athletes Alessandro Bottoni. In the individual race, second group on the bike for her after the first run but, because of cramps of the calf muscles managed to reach an amazing but 4th place, leaving behind all the other contenders. And she was only warming up for the final mixed relay on Sunday.


After the Italian Aquathlon championships, on Sunday in Porto Sant’Elpidio, it was the time for the “Coppa Italia” sprint distance race with Pesavento and Galeazzo who finished 12th YouthB notwithstanding he had some problems with his bike. Ragazzo instead manages to win the race. After leading the swim, he broke out of the group helped by the confusion created by the different waves and, in the run performed as perfectly as he is always able and crossed the finish in first, claiming the victory of this important race.


At the Hungarian 70.3 Triathlon Championships in Kreszthely, Hanko David won the race, Kuttor finishes 8th and Dori Fuchs at her first half-distance race finishes 9th.


The cold Sunday rain didn’t stop a strong Elia Mozzachiodi who, at the Olympic distance triathlon of Iseo Franciacorta at the Eco Race Series finished 4th. A great result that needs a toast and we are in the right place to do it because of its wonderful local wines.


A great performance for the Italian mixed relay Duathlon team who won the race at the World Duathlon Championships in Aviles and our Crestani is obviously Gold medal. We are World Duathlon Champions!


Because as the legend Ali told us: “Impossible is not a fact, is an opinion. Impossible is not a rule, it is a challenge. Impossible is not the same for everyone. Impossible is not forever.”


He believed that “Impossible is nothing “.

Maybe it is the same thing that we say: “Anything is possible”?