“The higher you climb, the more that you see. The farther you see, the more you can dream.” (Felice Bonaiti)


Everything started with the supreme victory of Matteo Annovazzi at the first edition of the high-altitude race StoneBrixiaMan Extreme Triathlon. Race that finished on top of the Gran Paradiso. From this amazing  result, other high-level performances at the semifinals of the ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup in Tiszaujivaros with Pesavento, Fuchs, Petrov and Soos, that of Faldum at the ITU Triathlon World Cup of Tiszaujivaros and the outstanding Sunday’s races of Galeazzo and Intagliata. on Sunday, Soos claimed the victory and Pesavento gained a magic bronze. While a top-ten finish for Faldum


Let’s start from the top. Two weeks after Annovazzi’s 4th place at the Celtman Extreme Triathlon, on Saturday the Team’s captain won the race on top of the Gran Paradiso. It was an incredible tough run at the first edition of the StoneBrixiaMan Extreme Triathlon. What can we say, so many tears. There is nothing to say. We only have one word: “You are superb!”.


The same inspiring performance reached Hungary where, on Saturday,  all the PPR athletes that were racing at the ETU Junior Triathlon European Cup of Tiszaujivaros qualified for the final which were due on Sunday: Pesavento with a second place, Fuchs 3rd, Petrov 4th and Soos 3rd.


Very well performance on the semifinals of the ITU Triathlon World Cup of Tiszaujivaros for Anheur, Faldum and Ruzsas. The olympic Hungarian athlete manages, with a first position on the semifinals, to reach the Sunday’s final.


On Sunday, we warmed up with the coach Intagliata who claimed a 4th position at the 15th edition of the Sprint Distance Triathlon of Lecco with a 700 people race organized by Spartacus Events. A very good performance of our young Galeazzo, who finished 12th and, shows an incredible physical condition, at the Sprint Distance Triathlon of Farra D’alpago organized by Silca Ultralite.


This is only the beginning. On Saturday, the athletes qualified for the Sunday’s final of the  ETU Junior European Cup reached a top result. Soos claimed a wonderful gold while Pesavento an outstanding bronze. They were just fantastic! Very well also Petrov 7th and Fuchs.


While at the ITU Triathlon World Cup Faldum with an amazing physical condition for his Road To Rio, gained a top-ten final result.


A high-level performance weekend for all our athletes.

On top of Italy and Europe.

On top of the World.