Raceone: top quality water bottles for the PPR Team

raceone logo bianco

In high-level sport one can emerge also by taking care of each detail. Raceone and the PPR Team are working together to reach the same goal. From this season the athletes of the Team can utilize the technology created by the company directed by Germano Mozzato, to improve their comfort and usefulness. The water bottle XR was the result of a long experience gained through the competitions. The product has two personalized versions. A black one and white one with fluorescent orange writings. Particular care was given in the use of biomaterials for food use that respect the international regulations. the cap is made of polyamide which is shock-resistant and unique in its kind even during freezing winter days. A very important thing is that the polyethylene medical bottle will not produce unpleasant odors.

The bottle cage X3-RACE lightweight and resistant can be recognized because of its swallow design. It is the result of numerous engineering and aerodynamic studies so as to guarantee the best aerodynamic performance when extracting and replacing the bottle. The bottle is made of a high-density polymer that has maximum flexibility and high torsional resistance. It is mounted to the bike frame with an exclusive patented system created by Raceone that is composed by two adjustable plates that increase the supporting surface and can couple the two different surface perfectly. The same thing that is happening between Raceone and the PPR Team.