“The Holy Grail, ‘neath ancient Roslin waits, adorned in masters’ loving art, it lies.” (Quote from the movie “The Da Vinci Code”)


Other outstanding results have been achieved by Pesavento and Ragazzo at the final event of the “Coppa Italia” in Campogalliano, and by Missaglia and Crestani at the “Coppa delle Regioni”. Podium for Ferlazzo, Fuchs, Ruzsas, Petrov and Soos in Peschiera. Gold for Intagliata at the sprint distance event in Pella


Let’s start with the Final event of the Junior “Coppa Italia” in Campogalliano in which Franco Pesavento claimed an amazing Gold in this race weekend. Franco you did a really fantastic job!


At the Olympic distance triathlon of the Kuota TriO Garmin event in Peschiera, Ferlazzo and Fuchs reach an important podium in the age group category, gold for Enrico and 6th place for Dora. At the Grand FInal Garmin TriO Series also David Ruzsas reached a second podium position in the age group category. On Sunday, in the sprint distance event, the young Petrov finished third and Soos first in the age group category.


However in Campogalliano there had been a price ceremony for the final overall results. In the YouthB category our Nicolo’ Ragazzo has underlined his supremacy which is a great reward for the efforts done during this race season. Missaglia reached both silver in the final classification and in the race while Crestani finished 5th.


Meanwhile our Coach Intagliata won the 7th edition of the Pella Cusio Cup. A memorable day on the Orta lake for him too!


Missaglia and Ragazzo adopted by our Team for Piedmont, reached the third step of the podium in the team race also at the “Coppa delle Regioni”. The weekend of races ended in this successful way for us!


Nay, no. Nicolo’ lost all the pictures done for the press office and runs away again. Where did he go? To get another important price at the Sport Festival 2016. He has the best sport lifestyle.


If they were not our athletes, we would have envied them for sure.
Instead we are envied by all the others!