Road to Kona: Laura Pederzoli gives us an update on her training


Laura Pederzoli keeps on training for Ironman Hawaii. Our long-distance age group triathlete and protagonist of the project Road to Kona is training for the the World Championship’s final notwithstanding some physical problems that did not hinder her training. Laura says: “I am ok, apart from a patellar tendinitis that right now does not allow me to run. I hope to heal from this inflammatory problem as soon as possible because one of my main goals is Ironman Klagenfurt that is quite near.” The PPR Team’s athlete because of her injury is modifying her race calendar. “I wanted to race at Challenge Rimini at the end of May, in the European half Ironman Championship, that could be a good test for Ironman Klagenfurt, however, since I had to stop for my injury, I do not know whether I will be able to race. I have to see if I will be able to train and how long it will take to heal from it. I do not want to put Ironman Hawaii that is my main season’s goal at risk. Fortunately I can bike and swim without any pain, and I am doing a massive training workload. I am very confident and inspired by my Road to Kona project.