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A victory missed for just a few seconds for the Hungarian PPR Team’s athlete Gabor Faldum. He managed to take the second place after a neck-to-neck battle at the sprint triathlon of Segrate (Milan), which was the second event of the Grand Prix Italy. He was dreaming about his success from the beginning of the run, managed to save energies for the final side-by-side sprint with the Czechoslovakian Svarc who unfortunately took first place in 56’48” by just 2” seconds on Faldum. Stefano Intagliata finished 18th, Ennio Salerno 23rd, Elia Mozzachiodi 27th, Levente Szatmari 30th. In the women’s race the Hungarian Dora Fuchs finished 16th in 1h06’44”.

101 men were racing that represent the best Italian athletes of the moment. A very strong swim led out of the waters Gianluca Pozzatti of CUS Trento, Giulio Pugliese of the Torrino Triathlon Team and Stefano Rigoni of the Padovanuoto Teamin in first, second and third position respectively. Behind them a big compact group with all the others that were fighting for the victory, among them Andrea De Ponti, Tamas Toth, Ricardo Hernandez and Tommaso Crivellaro. In the 20 km bike course three big packs formed, the leading one of about 30 athletes in which there were Andrea De Ponti (Fresian Team), Gianluca Pozzatti, Gabor Faldum (PPR Team) and Premysl Svarc (TD Rimini). In T2 everything was still on the way. First out of the transition was Andrea De Ponti, followed shortly by the DDS athlete Tommaso Crivellaro and just a few seconds away Svarc and Faldum. The Czechoslovakian and the Hungarian started a neck-to-neck battle that nobody else was able to keep up. The battle was won by the TD Rimini’s Premysl Svarc who crossed first the finish line, second position for Faldum and the podium was completed by the 707 Triathlon Team’s Tamas Toth.