“Per aspera ad astra” – through hardships to the stars


This weekend of races was just unbelievable and, not easy to sum up because so full of inspirational feelings. Fatigue and hard work has been repaid with medals, respect and honor for those who succeed. Gold for Faldume at the Grand Prix event of Rome, Bronze for Galeazzo in Oderzo, Gold and Bronze for Mozzachiodi and Ferlazzo in Pietra Ligure, Gold for Salerno in Augusta, 8th place at the Ironman 70.3 Barcelona for Nicholls, 4th position at the Italian Half Distance Championships in Lovere for Mauro Pera and 3rd place for the women’s in the age group Team competition. Don’t you think that this is not enough?


An extraordinary  Saturday with the Gold medal won by Faldum at the Grand Prix event of Rome together with the Bronze of Galeazzo at the sprint distance triathlon of Oderzo (TV). Sunday, in the Mediterranean Sea, 8th place for Nicholls at the Ironman 70.3 Barcelona. He finished with the time of 4h:15:11 after the swim, he did his best to close the gap with the leading athletes, a final result worth of great respect.


Mozzachiodi and Ferlazzo, notwithstanding the fact that had raced at the Grand Prix on Saturday, decided to compete at the Olympic distance triathlon in Pietra Ligure. They said that it was a hard race, particularly in the bike. They helped each other during the swim, then Elia was faster in the downhills and overtook Enrico. He gained precious seconds that allowed him to the finish in first position. Ferlazzo managed anyway, to do a strong run and finished his race in third place.


Salerno back from the Grand Prix, raced at home at the sprint distance race in Augusta. He told us that it was amazing to compete even if for an easy race such as this one.

First out of the water and in the bike, at the end an easy run just to control his position. He finished of course with no problems at all with a wonderful Gold!


At the Italian Half Distance Championships we crowned our dreams with the 4th place of Pera, Annovazzi 19th and 3rd step of the podium for the women’s age group team.


There is no weaker sex, only frail people.

The Team‘s unity is our main strength.