The CRONO Cup and other TIME Adventures


Alice: “For how long is forever?”
The Rabbit: “Sometimes, just one second”.
(Lewis Carrol)


A medal gained for just one second and the glory which lasts forever. Battles against time like this one, are something which happens frequently during the race season of the PPRTeam. Like this race which has in it the same word of the instrument which measures time, the CHRONO meter. (in Italian it is written in the same way n.d.t.).


Silver among the juniors with Carlotta Missaglia in the Individual Young Crono Cup in Cremona. This was the second event on a total of five competitions scheduled of the National Circuit of the Italian Federation. The amazing format of the event with the Crono competition which foresees 300mt swim, 6k bike and 2k run. Nicolò Ragazzo finished in 6th and Alessandro Galeazzo in 9th place.


In the Andora Sprint Race Triathlon Stefano Intagliata finishes in top ten position just ahead of our young Bajo 16th . Our Coach tried to catch the immense Raoul Shaw who gained the second step of the podium in the popular sprint race in the Liguria region.


Last but not least, Gabriella Zelinka is finally back and raced again, tiptoeing like a dancer, won a gold in the Dejtar Duathlon in Hungary. And this is just the beginning.


We can say: “The beginning of something amazing for sure”.