“Europe’s dimension is not about its territory but, about time and history “. (Quote)


The Team raced everywhere during this weekend: in Italy (Bardolino), in Bulgary, Hungary, Austria and France. Space is something we do not care about because, challenges are always measured with “time”. And, our final time is always better than that of the others. It is always the best


The adults in Toyland and the young athletes abroad. On Saturday Bardolinoland is all for our elites. The coach Intagliata finished 20th, Ferlazzo 24th, Salerno 29th, the Hungarians Kuttor 32th, Ruzsas 16th, Anheur in the top ten and Mozzachiodi just behind him 11th. We say goodbye to this 33rd record edition of the most-loved international Olympic-distance triathlon in which 2,000 Italian and foreign triathletes gave battle to each other and fly abroad.


While some Hungarians were racing in Bardolino, Soos, Petrov and Fuchs were training for the Youth European Championships and Hanko David claimed Gold at the Balatonman. And as they say: “Gratulálunk”!


Let’s see what our “little” athletes traveling abroad did in their European appointments. Galeazzo was racing at the Italian individual track championships in Jesolo in a 3k competition while in the European Junior Cup – ETU Cup of Burgas (BUL) Ragazzo finished 5th and Crestani 7th, an outstanding top ten result for both of them. In the European Junior Cup of Kitzbuhel, Missaglia managed to reach the semifinals and was waiting to race on Sunday.


On Saturday, at the “Parco of Monza” the PPRTeam organized the Simatic Run a great run race. It was an amazing social event that was carried out thanks to the help of all the friends and volunteers that came to support us.


The cherry on the cake of Sunday was carried out by our Missaglia who qualified for the finals of the European Cup and finished with an amazing performance 4th.


We are also talking of something “different” of doing something that goes beyond: at the last Paratriathlon World Cup event at Besancon in France, Manuel Marson guided by our Matteo Annovazzi claimed a silver that worths double!


In fact whatever happens, friendship and physical effort are as much valuable as a gold final result.