“The breakfast of champions is not cereal, it is the opposition.” (Nick Seitz)


Do we have any contenders for the Italian Sprint Distance Championships in Riccione? No, we have already eaten them at breakfast! The PPR as usual, is inspired by challenges and toasts to the victory of the Crono Cup. Cheers! On the first day of races, Pesavento and Missaglia did an amazing performance, as Ragazzo, Salerno and Ferlazzo did. Our T.D. was really satisfied for the good results achieved by our young athletes with the Team and the day after with the amazing performance of the Crono Cup claimed by the three musketeers. In Barcelona, top ten position for Nicholls and fantastic results achieved by our Hungarians in a bike race


Italian Sprint Distance Championships in Riccione, together with Salerno, Ragazzo and Ferlazzo, our lioness Missaglia and our Pesavento racing among the Olympic athletes. Carlotta finished in 12th position on Saturday’s Sprint distance race. A good swim, just a brief hesitation and then a great bike split allowed her to reunite with the leading group. Till the end on the front of the leading pack rotating with the other athletes and carefully aware of anyone trying to escape from the group. She is very satisfied of her final result as, is Pesavento who finished in 8th. He lost just some seconds in the swim which was not a problem for him to keep after T1 the leading group. At the end, as usual he did a great run.


The day culminated with the Price Ceremony in the Age Group Party of the Italian Team Championships for those team that in the season worked in the development in the young field. The PPR finished in 7th overall. Thanks to the efforts of our T.D. D’Annunzio who strongly believed in this particular project with his “little” Crestani, Galeazzo, Missaglia, Ragazzo and Pesavento who are a joy for all of us and metaphor of this “young” Team that is something one can see also in the way in which sport and communication is shared among us.


First Ironman for the Scottish Nicholls with the time of 8h:13:01. It is an amazing performance in a long distance race for him. In Barcelona he tried to do his best, and we are sure that he will even perform better in the future.


In Hungary nobody rests and even if the triathlon season is almost finished, we raced and dominated the 45k “Tutto bici” bike race: 5th position for Fuchs and medals for Zelinka and Ruzsas.


The race weekend ends in a wonderful way in Riccione, we will never forget our three musketeers on the top step of the podium, singing the Italian anthem. Mozzachiodi, Salerno and Ferlazzo won the Italian Crono Cup 2016 Title.


They will share the title with our Team Manager!
He likes to collect titles…