“… Let us unite under one flag, one dream, to melt together, already the time has come…” (The Italian National anthem)


Tonight the opening ceremony of the summer Olympics of Rio and, don’t miss on the 18th and the 20th of August the triathlon races. The PPR wishes good luck to all the Italian and foreign athletes of all over the world competing in the Games. A particular wish goes to “our” Hungarian


The 2016 Olympic Games of Rio are ready to start, everyone will watch at 1 a.m. (Italian time) the opening ceremony of the Brazilian Games. All eyes on the best international triathlon athletes competing. On the 18th the men’s race with 55 starting athletes and on the 20th 55 women contending the medals.


Good luck to the Italian National athletes. Our “Azzurri” will race with the following numbers: Alessandro Fabian 46, Davide Uccellari 47, Charlitte Bonin 36 and Annamaria Mazzetti 37.


However a special wish goes to “our” Hungarian. The PPR’s athlete Gabor Faldum will compete with the race number 26, and we will all cheer him. The race will start in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro on the 18th of August at 4 p.m. Italian time. The swim race course is a one lap of 1.5k, an 8 lap bike course of 40k and a 4 lap run of 10k.


In the Olympic Games of Rio we will cheer both nations and we’ll hope that Mameli will not take it in a bad way:

this edition of the Games we will be more than light blue…

In our hearts there will always be white, red and green…

We’ll keep high the National Hungarian flag!