“The enemies would have won, if they had a commander” (from “The Life of Caesar”)


The 4th place of Intagliata at the Garmin TriO is the first awesome result which opens the way to the glorious weekend. Following the coaches’ footsteps, Ferlazzo claimes a great second place at the sprint distance triathlon of Parma and Pera conquers Rome as an Emperor, while Annovazzi fights triumphantly in the wild northern Britain


Intagliata honors the fifth edition of the Garmin TriO Sirmione with an outstanding 4th position. More than 900 athletes struggled for the finish in very hot weather conditions. Good job coach! A very good start of the weekend just before the fantastic Sunday‘s results.


The day after in Parma, Ferlazzo, in wonderful shape, claimed an outstanding silver at the sprint distance Campus Triathlon, finishing with the time of 53:49. An excellent performance!


Rome has a new Emperor, let’s give praise to Mauro Pera who plays at home and conquers The Olympic NoDraftTriEvent 753 in Rome, which was the 5th round of the Forhans Cup. The race started at the “Laghetto” of Eur and, the challenging bike route developed through the old Roman streets. He crossed the finish line with the time of 2:01:39 with more than 5 minutes ahead of the second athlete, thanks to a strong swim which, as he told us, was apt to his personal characteristics. He leads the competition to the end notwithstanding the “Sanpietrini” (typical pavement found in several cities in Italy. NdT) and the difficult city bike route and, was acclaimed at the finish by his young and loved nephew.


The land of Britain will remember the deeds of Annovazzi who leaves an indelible mark in the history of the Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon with an amazing 4th place. A 3.8 km swim in the cold waters of the Loch Shieldaig, a 202 km bike with 2,000 meters of altitude in the Highlands and a final 42 km marathon with more than 900 meters of altitude. He finishes with the time of 12h:36:23 and those who were following his race from home never thought that he was thinking of giving up. An incredible race for our long-distance adventurer athlete. Honor and glory for him and now of course the well deserved rest with his family!


Many congrats to him from the PPR and most of all from his wife and son who adore him!