“I willed, and always willed, and passionately willed” (Vittorio Alfieri)


Not only the bronze of Mauro Pera at the Scanno Lake event, but also the silver of the Junior Pesavento and the gold of the Youth B Missaglia! These are the outstanding results reached by the PPR‘s athletes at the Young Triathlon National Championships in Montesilvano. They finally realized what they strongly desired


Not a day has passed in Montesilvano at the Young Triathlon National Championships that the PPR has already claimed an amazing national title in the women’s YouthB category. Missaglia is gold, she is the newly crowned national Youth B triathlon champion and, Pesavento is silver and, Junior vice triathlon  national champion.


50 Youth B athletes were fighting in the race, Missaglia 4th out of the water, already in the first bike lap was setting her brisk pace in the group. At the end only 4 athletes were the ones who were contending the national triathlon Youth B title, and in the run she showed us her strong fighting skills. She really wanted this victory: this is what means “will” for the PPR. She was just amazing!

A very good final result for Crestani too, who finished 6th overall.


42 junior men’s athletes at the start and Pesavento already in the leading positions since the beginning. In the run, he fought to the end for the victory, finishing in second place, just a few seconds from the winner. Well done Franco!


As many as 70 men’s Youth B athletes were racing, Ragazzo did an incredible swim and tried his best in the bike, finishing in 5th position in the final sprint rush. Nicolo’ did a very great job too!


Meanwhile, in the Scanno Lake event, Pera gained a wonderful bronze. Medal and laurel crown for the epic X5150 On Road Triathlon which has a touching name: the Heart Olympic Distance Triathlon. This competition will remain in our hearts as an incredible memory.


With the tunes of the Italian National anthem, we are craving for other precious medals for tomorrow when, there we will compete in the team mixed relay always in Montesilvano with Crestani, Galeazzo, Missaglia and Ragazzo.


They are indeed very strong and podium athletes…