“The Olympics are a wonderful metaphor for world cooperation, the kind of international competition that’s wholesome and healthy, an interplay between countries that represents the best in all of us.” (John Williams)


“Yes, I’m so happy! It was amazing!” This is what our olympic athlete Gabor Faldum told us of his Rio race. International class and perfection, we hope that our Italian “azzurri” athletes were not disappointed, but today we definitely cheered the Hungarian Team!


The long-awaited men’s triathlon event finally began at 4 p.m. (Italian time). All the eyes of the PPRTeam were glued to the TV screen to watch the multidiscipline that we love! This multiple-stage competition is full of emotions and Gabor Faldum did all he could to perform at his best. An incredible 20th position with the final time of 1:48:20. These are big satisfactions for us!


On the Copacabana beach, together with our strong Italian Fabian and Uccellari to whom we send our congratulations, there was our Hungarian too. The tough courses were not a problem for us. A one-lap swim of 1.5 k, with an usual beach start for such an important event. Gabor’s ocean swim split was of 18 minutes. A very fast and tough bike of 8 laps with steep hills, dangerous and technical descents with sharp bends. Gabor’s bike split was of 55:56. At the end a flat 4-lap run of 2.5 k that, after all was indeed very hard to complete and Faldum did it in 33:06.


With the people cheering him in Rio and all of us watching him on TV in Italy, he managed to finish this super fast competition, characterized by very hot and humid weather conditions. This was however something we already foresaw it could happen on the Brazilian Avenida Atlantica.


He reached what he strongly desired.

Because, as we all know, the commitment always pays off and, in this team everyone is committed to do his best, starting from you.


Gratulalok, Gabor Faldum!