2+2=3, bronze medal for the young Italian National Team mixed relay at the ETU Triathlon Youth European Championships 


The trip to the Youth European Championships in Hungary gives us an outstanding individual 5th place of Missaglia and an amazing bronze in the team mixed relay


All the young National athletes managed to qualify for the individual finals which were due to take place on Monday, racing in the tough semifinals on Saturday. Our Crestani, Missaglia and Ragazzo were summoned and also our Hungarians Petrov and Soos. They are keeping high the PPR’s fame. The men’s and women’s waves were composed of about 30 athletes and, only 9 athletes could qualify for the semifinals. The three best times of each semifinal could have access to the final. In the semifinals Missaglia performed excellently claiming a second place, 8th Crestani and 6th Ragazzo. The two Hungarians Petrov and Soos qualified for the final too.


At the end, Missaglia claimed a superb 5th position, behind her Petrov 4th Hungarian, Crestani 4th Italian. Ragazzo performed very well too finishing 2nd Italian in the men’s final.


And this is not all, Missaglia and Ragazzo gained the bronze in the team mixed relay. The Italian Youth National Team gained the bronze medal at the European Championships also thanks to their performance. 28 teams and 112 athletes competed in the event, a supreme performance for them. They were battling with high-level athletes and managed to lead the race by 15 seconds almost to the end.


The younger are coming back home with the Youth European bronze and are handing over the baton to the Junior Pesavento who will compete and represent us as well as they did, at the Junior ETU Cup.


The young were fantastic and prepared your way, now is your turn: Good Luck, Pesavento!