The most important Sunday’s race was Challenge Rimini. But it was not the only challenge for the PPRTeam. We had athletes racing at the ITU World Cup of Cagliari and at the 2016 Athletic track Regional Championships in Vicenza.


After the Gold of Faldum, the first junior place of Fuchs at the Olympic distance triathlon of Caldaro (BZ), the 4th and 5th of Mozzachiodi and Ferlazzo at the sprint distance of Porto Venere (SV), the most important event of the weekend for the Team was Challenge Rimini. For the fourth year in a row the prestigious 70.3 race has been held in the Romagna region and our specialists of the half-Ironman distance could not miss this appointment. The Team’s coach Intagliata finished 20th and Annovazzi 49th. Our Hungarian athlete Hanko who arrived in Italy to participate to it, had some problems at the beginning of the race and finished his competition in 26th position. The first long distance races can be a hard job for everyone and we are sure that next time he will perform differently. Strategy is very important and it needs an entire season to be prepared.


While in Rimini the sun was shining, Cagliari in Sardinia has welcomed the world ‘s best triathletes for the ITU World Cup with a warm hospitality but with terribly cold weather conditions. Notwithstanding the rain and the choppy sea our French Aurelien claimed an impressive Silver medal at the sprint distance World Cup, just after having striked Gold in Quarteira at the European Cup in March and after finishing 7th at the WTS of Cape Town. We all want to sing with him the French anthem for the wonderful result achieved in Cagliari.


Meanwhile our young triathletes are making other important performances. In Vicenza at the track athletic regional championships Crestani finished the 5k race with the time of 18’00″92 and Ragazzo in 15’39″00. They are so fast that it is impossible to take pictures of them when they are racing and we prefer to take photos only when they are resting!


PPR- Assoluti