There are limitless horizons when you ride a MCipollini bike


“We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon”. (Konrad Adenauer)


The final event of the Italian Grand Prix Series in Sapri finishes with a special dedication of the winner Gabor Faldum to our Team Manager and to MCipollini for the awesome opportunities he received from using his amazing bikes during the entire race season. While Soos wins at the ETU Junior European Cup in Turkey


A live weekend with the Italian Grand Prix Series in Sapri with our Laura Berretta who gave us breathless updates from the race of the Hungarian Gabor Faldum. His live race was eagerly followed by all of us. We all have to learn something from such an amazing Olympic athlete as Faldum, who after his prestigious competition in Rio, went to the WTS Grand Final in Cozumel, but could not do a good race there because he got a stomach flu. He finally comes in Sapri wanting to perform at his best. His race was perfect from the beginning, then he performed an outstanding final run. He manages to control the other contenders in the first lap and ended flying to the finish line alone. It was a wonderful day and he had good feelings and probably the key all his success was that he had a good period of rest just before racing here. Incredible Gabor! After winning the event of the Grand Prix of Rome this was the perfect squaring of the circle.


While Faldum as a flawless pro athlete released an interview for Triathlete Magazine Italy with Laura, the other young Hungarian Gergo won in Alayna in the ETU Triathlon Junior Cup. Second place for another national athlete from Hungary and third place for an athlete from Kazakhstan. With this victory Soos manages to reach the third position in the European 2016 ETU final rank.


We all live under the same sky but, it is true that our horizon is wider than the others. Visionary and focused as we are, we are always searching for new challenges.


Then, yes, as everybody say, nothing ends here!