We are Triathlon Family and We are also a Social Run. It was a great success the social charity run for the PPRTeam


“It is not enough to do good, it must be done well.” (Denis Diderot)


The PPRTeam | We are a Triathlon Family, We are #SocialRun: go for it! We have done it and indeed it was run very well!


The SocialRun was open to everyone and every age, there were runners, marathoners, tourists, nature lovers, families, students, groups of friends and sport clubs. The social non-competitive running event was held today at the Primo Nebbiolo Parco Ruffini Athletic Stadium. The running distances were different depending on the various ages: 200/400/800/2,000/4,000 meters. So many people came just to give their support to the charity running event and the PPRTeam with its running section thanks everyone of you!


Your entry fee will be entirely utilized to develop the social project Effata’ – “An open window to the world”. The event’s main goal is that of a missionary solidarity project to help the children for their basic school education. The charity event was supported by the charity association “Educare Insieme” which main goal is that to develop cultural and social projects and the PPRTeam is proud to be its main technical sponsor.


Because our main objectives are not only triathlon, cycling or running events but also to help the every day life social development of charity projects.
Do good and do it very well!